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Career Development Organization for Opera Singers
Created by Artists for Artists

Our Mission 

AdE' s mission is to assist emerging opera singers prepare for the demands of the job market or professionals to relaunch their career.

We aim to act as a career development bridge between the US, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world without the burden of travel.

AdE and our network of highly acclaimed mentors support our client artists and guide them to achieve a world-class performance level.

We aim to serve global, opera-loving audiences by nurturing talent discovered by a strictly meritocratic approach regardless of background or financial means. As we know talent is distributed, privilege is not. We believe that every person of talent must have access to opportunity.

Feedback from Artists

Jessie Neilson, Soprano, US
Yiorgo Ioannou, Baritone, Cyprus
Julieth Lozano, Soprano, Colombia
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