Created by Artists for Artists


If you dream of launching an international operatic career AdE is the place for you. Our objective is to prepare you for the demands of the job market which may be briefly covered during an academic education. Regardless of your level we will work together to make the next step up in your career.

The establisment of an operatic career has to do with multiple factors. It is not only a matter of vocal technique but also of the right choices and strategy. The competition for jobs nowadays is intense. There are more highly qualified artists than ever and fewer jobs to absorb them. In order to stand out you have to indentify your uniqueness and present yourself to the pubic accordingly. 

AdE will help you assess your state of readiness and refine your skills before your auditions. Our team will guide you on how to adopt practices that work. If decision making is not your strength, we will work together to increase your confidence and effectiveness

We will teach you to connect with your audience and through your music instill joy and evoke strong emotions.


If you are concerned about past mistakes, do not worry.  They are a starting point regarding what to correct.

We look forward to working together to help you build a strategy to achieve your goals.



Feedback from Artists

"A great idea, an artistic development platform necessary to every young Opera singer. AdE' s team is full of great ideas and is committed in making easier a path that sometimes is very complex. "

- César Gutierrez, tenor


"Atelier d'Excellence is providing artists with a wonderful and respectful environment where they can acquire information and knowledge on how develop their skills and build a career in Opera.

- Yvonne Prentki, soprano