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London, UK and New York, NY – March 10, 2020. 



Atelier d’Excellence (“AdE“), a career consulting organization for Opera singers, is pleased to announce that “Lerin Artist Management”, (Lerin Artists) a leading agency in the operatic world for several decades based in Spain, has become an affiliate of AdE. Lerin Artists will support AdE’s mission on a non-profit basis, through various means, such as consultations, lectures, Masterclasses, and other educational events. AdE and Lerin Artists will work together toward common goals, including helping emerging artists define their place in the opera market and understand its complexity.  


"We are excited to collaborate with Lerin Artists, a renowned operatic agency with a long record of managing an impressive roster of distinguished artists on the global stage," said Maria Zoi, mezzo-soprano, Founder and Managing Director of AdE. “Through this collaboration emerging artists working with AdE will acquire first-hand experience of the requirements of the job market from state-of-the-art practitioners and increase their chances of making their career breakthrough."

(Atelier d'Excellence)


“The true essence of Lerín Artists Management is first and foremost the reciprocal respect and pursuit of excellence for both the artists and programmers we have the privilege of working for. It is to them we are bonded with truthful dedication and service. Pursuant to this spirit we are delighted to offer our support to Atelier d’Excellence, a project which bestows brightness, beauty and joy upon music for upcoming artists and the opera world alike.” (Lerin Artists)


AdE’s methods in bringing together world-class mentors and talented singers has achieved wide acceptance in the operatic community and has provided hope and motivation to dozens of singers around the world.  


AdE activities include: Prelude by AdE Interview Series SM,  AdE Webinars & Workshops SM, Masterclasses The Art of Singing SM, Role Prep Lab SM, Initial Career Consultation SM, Career Mentoring by AdE SM, Accademia d’Opera Italiana SM, Prix Atelier d’Excellence International Opera Competition SM



Notes to editors 


Atelier d’Excellence 


Atelier d’Excellence (“AdE“) is a career consulting organization for Opera singers from across the world founded in early 2020 by Maria Zoi, mezzo-soprano. AdE’s mission is to prepare emerging Opera singers for the demands of the job market drawing on the experience of world-class mentors, perfect their public persona, help expand their professional network, and empower them to make their career breakthrough. 



Source: © 2021 Atelier d’Excellence. All rights reserved. SM = service mark. 

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