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5 ways to stay creative during Covid-19 quarantine

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Study a rew role/learn new repertory

Take advantage of your free time to learn a new operatic role or polish one you have already studied or performed. You can also learn new arias to enhance your repertory for future auditions. Work on aspects such as improving your diction with the help of an online app such as DictionBuddy which we highly recommend.

Empower your body and breath

Start taking online Yoga or Pilates lessons and practising deep breathing exercise.

It will increase your singing stamina and concentration level.


Work on your public image

Build your website and audition portfolio. There are several platforms online that do not require special skills to achieve a professional result. You can also create social media accounts or update and improve your existing ones.

Earn money from your YouTube account

Did you know that YouTube is obligated to pay you for your videos once your channel reaches 1000 subscribers? First create an account if you do not have one. Then ask your friends or colleagues on social media to subscribe to your channel and do the same on theirs.

Watch concert or Opera performances streamed free online

There are numerous opportunities to watch shows online without having to pay a ticket and from the convenience of your home. The Met Opera for example is streaming free Operas almost every night Met Opera on Demand. You can also watch free webinars and panel discussions given by world renowned Opera personalities. Watch here a panel discussion with Elina Garanča, Renée Fleming and Peter Gelb about the Met's production of Strauss Opera Der Rosenkavalier:

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