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Prelude by AdE is an online inteview series about Opera produced and presented by Atelier d'Excellence for educational purposes.

The series aims to empower and inspire emerging Opera singers carve their own artistic path.

Subscribe and watch new and previous Prelude episodes on our official YouTube channel: Atelier d'Excellence

* Link to the entire Prelude by AdE playlist:

Our Guests of Honor (in order of appearance):


Jennifer Panara, Leah Hawkins, Kirsten Chambers, Judit Kutasi, Ermonela Jaho, Anna Pirozzi, Benjamin Bernheim, Nelly Miricioiu, Rosa Feola, George Gagnidze, Ketevan Kemoklidze, George Petean, Pretty Yende, Kamal Khan, Erin Morley, Sara Blanch, Golda Schultz, Vasco Fracanzani, Giacomo Prestia, Jennifer Larmore, Nino Machaidze, Michelle Breedt, Latonia Moore, Hui He, Christina Poulitsi, Jennifer Rowley, Jorge Parodi, Jeremy Silver, Eleonora Pacetti, Adina Nitescu.

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