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  • Who should attend: Emerging opera singers who wish to craft their public persona, professional singers who wish to improve their public profile

  • How to apply: Please submit your bio/resume to: indicating "The Social Artist" Workshop

  • Fees: Upon request

  • Deadline to apply: Tuesday December 8, by 12PM ET OR 6PM CET

  • Two AdE scholarships will be provided to exceptional participants



  • AdE Workshop participants get a 20% discount for individual sessions with Eugenia on Resonance App 

  • 10% discount to the Workshop for those who follow both AdE & 360 of Opera on Instagram & Facebook and apply with code 360OFOPERA  

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December 9-11 2020
From 10-12PM ET or

Social Media, Creativity & Communication Workshop with Eugenia Forteza, founder of the 360 OF OPERA platform & community/ opera singer


Day 1: Social Media and Creativity 

  • Workshop & personal presentations 

  • Final project description 

  • Individual intros: - why are you here, what do you want to learn and improve (know your "why": your driving force for your voice as an artist and on social media platforms) 

  • Social Media Platforms: technical details, strategies & advice 

  • Developing your Creativity beyond the stage 


Day 2: Effective Communication & Marketing Strategies 

  • How do you correlate your effective communication skills between life and performing?  

  • The crucial aspect of good communication skills both on and off stage for a successful, positive life and career 

  • “Be a joiner” – you can’t do this career alone 

  • Emails 

  • Website 

  • Press, PR 

Day 3: Short Individual Presentations & Open Discussion 

  • Individual presentations: participants will have picked a subject amongst everything that was discussed, where they feel they need improvement and present a strategy and plan that they can start working on right away (maybe something they have already started working on during the days of the workshop!) 

  • What are some new ideas, motivation & awareness you have now? 

  • Recommendations for reading and listening in order to continue expanding your knowledge on communication & creativity on your own, beyond this workshop 

  • Open Discussion, Conversation and Q&A 

November 27&28 2020
From 10-2PM ET

or 4-6PM CET

Become a winner under the guidance of Acting Coach Scott Barnes, Vocal Coach Mary Pinto and top Artist Manager in American Opera market Ken Benson at an affordable cost.  

Winners are not born. The right strategy defines the outcome. Ever wondered why you are not getting hired? Ever thought of the multifaceted perspectives from which a judging panel evaluates you?


Identify the right repertoire for various types of audition. Assess your technical competences and what needs further work. 

Master in depth your character and interpret with your own unique voice (from the blood!). 

Learn how to project your strengths to match the demands of the job market. Understand what roles you may be suited for. Build your brand to increase your marketability. 

  • Who should attend: Emerging opera singers who wish to achieve the next level. 

  • How to apply: Please submit your CV and sound sample of an opera aria (mp3/mp4 under 1GB; recording from home is OK provided sound is clear and is less than one year old) to: indicating "The Winning Formula Workshop"

  • Fees: Upon request.  

  • Capacity: 8 successful active participants and 8 auditors 

  • Accompaniment: Live or pre-recorded

  • Deadline for applications: Wednesday November 25, by 12PM ET OR 6PM CET          


Exceptional participants will be considered for future online & live events organised by AdE

The German Operatic repertoire-from the technical to conductor's perspective
July 9 2020
At 12PM ET
or 6PM CET

Atelier d'Excellence welcomes renowned artists: Kirsten Chambers - soprano (Met Opera; NYCO; Florida Grand Opera; Opera Hong Kong) and Keith Chambers - conductor (founder & artistic director of New Amsterdam Opera NY; The Dallas Opera; Indianapolis Opera) as our distinguished mentors at the next AdE Webinar focusing on German Operatic repertoire. The webinar's objective will range from the technical to conductor's perspective. 

During this online Masterclass each active participant will get 20 minutes of individual coaching and brief consultation with our mentors. Auditors are welcome to ask questions during our Q&A section at the end of the workshop.

For more info and registration please write to: indicating "Kirsten & Keith Chambers Webinar".

Please enclose a resume and the score of one aria selection of the German operatic/Lied repertoire to present at the webinar.

Active participants can either sing a capella or they should provide their own recorded accompaniment track for the aria selection.

The workshop is open to all voice types. Dramatic voices are particulary encouraged to apply.

Deadline for registration: July 8 2020

The importance of mental training for a successful career in Opera 
June 29 2020
or 3PM CET

Atelier d'Excellence presents an open webinar with Yvonne Prentki, acclaimed soprano and mental coach for musicians (founder of the "Conscious performer" platform). 

Pursuing an operatic career is a kind of championship. AdE believes that mental coaching is of great importance for Opera singers as it is for professional athletes.


This workshop is an overview of mental techniques necessary to a performing artist. You are welcome to ask questions and talk about aspects which are important to you during the webinar.

Participation is free of cost.

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 835 3101 2514
Password: 306154  

Exploring a singer's musical toolkit
June 25 2020
or 11AM ET

Find out how at the next AdE Webinar "Exploring a singer's musical toolkit" with internationally acclaimed pianist, coach and conductor Lachlan Glen.

These are the objectives the webinar is going to touch:

- Rediscover some of the most basic musical elements and think about the intention behind the composer's choice

- Look at the language, word for word, and how it relates with the music to communicate its meaning

- Explore how you can use melodic and harmonic contours to guide you both vocally and dramatically

- Learn to feel free and confident in your own musical skin!

There are six places for singing participants and unlimited for auditors. Auditors are welcome to send their questions to AdE for Mr Glen's consideration up to two days prior to the event.

For more info and registration please write to: indicating "Lachlan Glen Webinar". Email a resume, a recent recording/video representing your current vocal status and one aria selection to present at the webinar. Selected artists will need to provide their own recorded accompaniment track for the aria selection.

Deadline for registration: June 24 2020, 4PM ET



Working as an Opera singer in the US vs working in Europe

June 1 2020
At 12PM ET (6PM CET)

Atelier d'Excellence welcomes internationally acclaimed conductor Israel Gursky as our distinguished guest at our next webinar with
objective Working as an Opera singer in the US vs working in Europe (German speaking countries in particular). 

Maestro Gursky's conducting debut with Washington National Opera was described as superb by The Washington Post. Among other career highlights he has conducted for LA Opera; Bellas Artes; Opera Maine; Wolf Trap; Opera Birmingham; Theater Regensburg (Kappelmeister), Theater Bremen (Kappelmeister, Head of Music Staff, Casting Consultant). He has frequently conducted concerts with Plácido Domingo throughout the world and, since 2003, has worked with the Operalia Competition as official accompanist, assistant conductor and pre-selection judge. Since 2019 he serves as assistant conductor with the Metropolitan Opera of New York.

For more info & registration please write to: indicating "Israel Gursky Webinar".

Deadline for registration: May 31st 2020


"It was an excellent, very informative webinar.


It was particularly interesting to hear the Maestro's insight on the Opera market based on his multidimensional experience as a world renowned conductor, competition panelist and coach who has prepared hundreds of singers for auditions. "

- Anna Tonna, mezzo-soprano

New York

"Thank you AdE for organising this valuable lecture-conversation with Maestro Gursky. 

Mr Gursky generously shared with us a great sum of his long-term knowledge and experience. We were introduced to the working/audition principles of European and American Theatres necessary to every young artist. "

- Marcelina Beucher, soprano


Acting for Opera
May 18 2020
At 12PM ET
or 6PM CET

Atelier d' Excellence proudly presents a Webinar with Italian actress and acting teacher Chiara Cimmino and Italian theatre director, actor and acting teacher Valerio Vittorio Garaffa aimed at Opera singers who wish to improve their stage presence. Opera is Theatre. As a singer you have to be the character and evoke strong emotions in your audience. Stage presence is not a natural gift. It is an art that can be learned


Chiara and Valerio will share the method they have developed to help singers identify the main problems they will encounter while on stage. They will guide artists on how to develop a deep connection with the stage, their body and the libretto. If you wish to become a captivating performer and connect with your audience, this is a great opportunity to refine your skills.

Should you be interested in taking part please write to: indicating "Chiara & Valerio Webinar".

Tenor Sunnyboy Dladla shares his career path
May 7 2020
At 12PM ET
or 6PM CET

Atelier d' Excellence proudly launches its Webinar Series with a complimentary event. We are honored to welcome world renowned, South African tenor Sunnyboy Dladla as our first guest. He will share his remarkable career path and will be happy to answer participants' questions.

Participants will be selected for 10 available slots from a pool of applications submitted by interested parties. Selected applicants will be able to put questions to our distinguished guest. Other applicants will be able to audit the webinar and can submit questions by email which will be addressed time permitting. 

If you are interested in taking part please submit your CV and audio/video link of one Opera aria or song to: indicating "Sunnyboy Dladla Webinar".


"The webinar with Sunnyboy Dladla was a true blessing and an oasis through these hard times.


With his amazing energy and sharp mind, he treated all participants with respect, listened carefully to every question and gave useful advice.

The best part of this unforgettable webinar were the great career tips and inspiring experiences S.D. shared with us."

- Emmanuel Papadopoulos, baritone, Germany

"My first webinar ever and I’m very happy and thankful I was part of it!

Mr Dladla shared his career path and experiences with us and gave valuable advice. It was great to have the opportunity to speak directly with such a great artist and person.

Thank you AdE for these webinars!! I’m already looking forward to the next ones!"

- Anna Pardo-Canedo, soprano,


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